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tv   [untitled]    October 17, 2010 5:18pm-5:30pm PST

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san francisco be impacted? >> proposition b is the first pension reform initiative presented to the voters since 1976. and in 1976 the voters voted to exclude overtime in terms of computing the pensionable compensation. this reduced pension obligations in the city and county of san francisco by millions and millions of dollars. proposition b is a cost-sharing areaningment. it's a proposal to -- arrangement. it's a proposal to provide that employees pay their share of the pension obligations. today a $65,000 clerk in the assessor's office pays nothing into their pension system, as does a $200,000 public defender. they pay zero dollars into the pension system. the city's contribution rate
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currently is 13.5%. it's projected to increase to nearly 30% in the next five years. the city cannot sustain these pension costs. a yes vote on proposition b will send a clear message to public officials that the obligations in the future must be addressed today. thank you. >> thank you, mr. weber. and thanks to you the viewer. i hope this conversation has been informative about proposition b. for more information check out the league's web site at and be sure you >> in 2006, san francisco voters passed a declaration of policy that the mayor should
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appear at least monthly at a board of supervisors meeting. 56% of the voters favored the measure. 44% rejected it. in 2007, the voters defeated the proposition to change the charter to make the mayor's appearance mandatory with 51% of the voters against the measure and 49% in favor. proposition c asks voters to reverse their 2005 decision. proposition c is a charter amended that would require the mayor to appear in person at one regularly scheduled meeting of the board of supervisors each month to engage in formal policy discussions with the board. proposition c would also require the board of supervisors in consultation with the mayor to adopt ordinances providing rules and guidelines about the mayor's appearances before the board. a yes vote would require the mayor to appear at board of supervisors meetings once a month. a no vote would not make this
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change. please visit the league of women voters website at to get all of your voting information. early voting is available weekdays at city hall from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. >> hello. i'm steve mcdonald with the league of women voters of san francisco, here today to talk about problem -- proposition d, a measure that the citizens of san francisco will be voting on november 2. >> proposition d is a measure that would allow noncitizen residents of san francisco to vote for member of the board of education if they have a parent or guardian of a child living in the school district and they are over 18 years of age. >> i'm here with chris miller,
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vice chair of communications with the republican party of san francisco, who is going to speak in opposition to proposition d. chiss -- chris, what is it that you feel the key points are in opposition to proposition d? >> sure. well, there are a number of reasons that the republican party as a whole has chosen to oppose proposition d. one of the main reasons is the fact that this particular measure fails to differentiate between legal and illegal citizens. so although at face value this may look like it's a piece of legislation that makes sense and it might be a good idea to adopt this type of policy, obviously there are serious legal implications involved in failing to differentiate between legal and illegal citizens. voting is clearly a right of citizens and if we were to consider noncitizens voting in a school board election we
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would definitely only consider being a proponent of a measure that included legal citizens here in the country legally. the other reason we are opposing this is on the fiscal side. this is going to cost anywhere to the tun of -- tune of $150,000 annually according to the controller's office and the department of elections and clearly anyone that knows anything about our budget knows that we do not have the funds available nor do we have the funds available for many of the programs that are opportunity -- currently in place. another reason we are opposing this is it also opens the flood gates for massive voter fraud. there was a person who came to speak to the central smt and we asked them specifically why did you make the decision to use the verbiage noncitizens rather
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than being able to differentiate between legal and illegal citizens nor did they have a mechanism in place to make sure voter fraud wrote not take place. >> if passed how would it affect the citizen of san francisco? >> clearly proposition d is p a measure or piece of legislation that is attempting to improve the school board elections. it's more an attempt, what i've heard the argument for it, is that it may make, one, availability to the system to vote for, in a school board election, for parents of potential students that are currently enrolled in the public school system. it does not, it also does not differentiate between students currently in the public school system and children that are eligible to be in the public school system. if that had been the attempt
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they would have differentiated between children in the public school system as opposed to those who have the option of attending public schools in san francisco. so this is not a piece of legislation that's going to drastically change the outcome of an election or going to have any positive impact for the citizens of san francisco as a whole. >> thank you, chris. i'm here with david chiu, president of the board of sfrfers -- supervisors, to talk in support of proposition d. how do you support proposition d and the real estate ops? >> i'm a strong supporter of proposition d for many reasons. we all know our schools are severely challenged. we have teachers being laid off, overcrowded classrooms, so many services that have been eliminated. our kids need better. one of the best ways to improve
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local public schools is to engage all aur -- our parents and proposition d is about 100% parental participation in the most important decision in our school system, who gets to constituent -- sit on the school board? proposition d would allow all parents to vote in the elections, including immigrant parents. this is to did so parent. right now one out of three parents in the system is an immigrant. most of the kids themselves are actually citizens but because their parents don't have a voice, the kids don't have a voice so proposition d is really to engage all of our parents. this is something that's actually been done in a number of other cities around the country. in recent years in new york city, in six cities and towns in maryland, in chicago, immigrants have been allowed to vote and studies have shown that when immigrant parents are working alongside all other parents, that helps to improve
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schools in many ways. in new york city these coalitions helped brick about reduced class sizes, new capital funding to schools and greaterer participation in after school programs. and the supreme court has reiterated over and over that citizenship is not a prerequisite to voting. the reats -- reason our founding fathers allowed immigrants to vote in over 22 staints and -- states and territories is that allowing newcomers to invest in local institutions improves this for everyone. >> if passed how do you see proposition d impacting the school system? >> i think many of us believe that when you engage all those parents working a longside together, that really helps to move the entire school system forward and this is why we have parents throughout the city, young people, teachers, the democratic party, the labor
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council, the entire school board and a super majority of the board of supervisors in support of this important measure. i hope that voters will take an opportunity to visit our web site at to learn about the importance of 100% parental participation to really move forward our schools in the 21st century. >> thank you, david the >> thank you. that sums up proposition d. for any other voter information please go to, the league's web site and >> hello, my name is patricia mcgovern with the league of women voters of san francisco. i'm here today to discuss proposition e, a ballot measure that the citizen of san
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francisco will vote on on november 2. proposition e is a measure that would allow eligible san francisco residents to register to vote the same day as a municipal election. the current 15-day registration deadline would continue to apply to all combined federal, starktse municipal and district elections. >> i'm now here with alicia from the san francisco young republicans, an opponent to proposition e. why do you oppose this measure? >> our organization opposes this measure first of all because it creates a separate set of rules for elections that


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